Just being here

I picked up a pen and my book for the first time in a few days- God, I miss it. I've been sporadically cleaning things so my painting table is totally covered in crap. I've tripped over my canvases stacked on the floor about 10 times already, though, so that has inspired me to paint over them.

Some neat things.
Charmagne Coe. Some really beautiful abstract watercolors.
Chelsea Lewyta. Amazing illustration work!
Mike Rohde's sketchnotes. Really interesting note-taking methods.
Russ Mills. Kick ass stuff. (got a blog too!)

I did pick up some Faber-Castell Pitt pens at Virgin when I was in France, so I'm hoping to really mess around with those soon.

Also been catching up on my Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I don't care if my brain melts!

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