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I'm back home, finally! I flew back in on Friday afternoon after a bloody circus of airports, hurried phone calls and bumpy rides. Paris was amazing. It's a mindtrip being somewhere similar to where you live, but different in so many ways. I saw so many amazing things while I was there and hung out with some totally awesome people. We were in the heart of Paris for two weeks.

Even after going to the Louvre (twice!) and all the wonderful museums, I have to say that hanging out with my classmates was probably some of the best times I've had. Just having everyone together, chilling out, drawing, painting, napping, drinking, just everyone doing their own thing, enjoying each others company and the atmosphere. I don't know the name of it, but we had some amazing cheese while there; it's a soft garlic cheese and I'm pretty sure we ate it every time we went out. We had some amazing food when we were out as well. I've become addicted to crepes.
ETA: It's called Boursin! And it's amazing on a baguette!!

I bought these little guys on the Rue Dante where there was an absolutely amazing comic book store (easily blew 70 € there!!) I picked up a Claire Wendling book, which was one of my top things to do in France. That's the view from our hotel room. The metro ran right by the window every 10 minutes or so. We got used to it pretty quickly. I kind of liked it-reminded me of home, where there's always constant noise going on when I'm trying to sleep. I sadly didn't get as much drawing done as I would have liked- barely any, except for some sketches on the train. But I've got lots of pictures that I'm not done depositing yet.

There's nothing more amazing than to lay back in the soft grass and watch the tower light up, lost in the reverie of a giant steel tower, rocking out to Wolfsheim and White Lion while your classmates chatter nearby.

It's raining right now, my fingers are itching to paint and I'm just pleased and content with this pocket of space and time. Good vibes. C:

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  1. Wonderful! It is great to hear you had a good time over in Europe! Hehe, and I am pleased you bought a Wendling book over there. ;)

    Miss you friend~