what's up people

Wow, my 200th post is here to tell you that I'm moving my blog to Tumblr.


Blogspot's been good to me, but I started this little blog when I was a freshman in college, and I feel like moving on.

Thanks for all the good times and the sweet comments. :) See you around!


funnel cake

More things I draw when I don't know what else to draw; me stuffing my face!



whenever I really don't know what to draw, I just draw myself. whee!


mini paintings

Two mini ATC patchwork paintings. I missed doing these, they're time-consuming and methodical which is a nice change from trying to be SPONTANEOUS and FRESH. They both have their times and places, but I always love doing something redundant once in awhile.
Also some sketchbook doodles, I'm almost done with this book!

Mini fandom painting of Mignon.
A Soiree is fine too.



Just painting for painting's sake! Trying out new taklon brushes. Hopefully I can do a more dignified painting of Miss Fran!



The days just seem to fly by, anymore! I feel like it was only yesterday that I wrote my last post, but it's been days and weeks...

I bought this cute little toy recently:

I love it! The smallest envelopes are teeny tiny, and I have tons of ideas already on ways to use them with my art (business card holders! love notes!)

I also bought Tombow OnBook Pencil for my sketchbook (and just because I love cool pencils) and this sexy 122kCal pencil case (in brown too) and my favorite pen brand besides the Precise, Signo (ALSO IN BROWN)

(i love brown)

I also bought lead that I thought was colored, but it turns out it wasn't, and it made me feel kind of dumb. Whoops!


coffee sketches

Just some sketches I did while at the coffee shop. I've been playing with a really loose and simple style and it's been helping me to just draw cute things and not get all tight and controlled.

I also signed up for The Sketchbook Project. I'll give some more info about my book when I get my package but I'm really excited about it!!

This is just what I need to really get back on board with my sketchbooks, because I've been feeling somewhat lackluster about my books. I think I need to start keeping smaller ones, or thinner ones. I get bored easily, and while I love having a good, worn and reliable little black book with me, I always want to change it up. I don't feel as proud of this book I'm currently using as I do with some of my older books (Though, to be honest half the time I'm never really keen on saving the damn things, but I know it's good to.)

So here's to awesome sketchbook stuff in the following weeks!


another wip

Just part of a WIP that I've been working on for a few days. I keep going back to it and changing it stylistically. Still got a ways to go on this one.

Happy Memorial Day!



Work has been time consuming and most of my extra energy is devoted to client work, so I apologize for the lack of fun stuff lately.
The fun added benefit of working full-time has made me want to draw a lot more, though, so hopefully I will have some things to show later!
Also, my host has been down for over a week so I'm currently working on getting everything back online, but this blog will always be up! 

Until then, have a picture of the office I co-habitate for 2 and a half hours every week (my morning sketch time).



Just a little ATC that I spent some time on today.

I got a full time job. Whee!



Holy crap it's April already! Nothing too exciting as of late, but I've been participating in the zero2illo 12 Week Challenge and doing some traveling and such.
Here is my business plan I drafted up for the 12WC. (I dig infographics so I had to make it pretty.)

And an extremely small run of some promo stickers I made (as of right now I have two left, haha.) I get tired of things that I do pretty quickly, that's something I'm trying to fix.

I'm also in the process of setting up a teeny store so I can sell some things, as well as doing some MUCH needed spring cleaning!


Blue City

Hey dudes!

This is a pattern I created for the launch of Repeat-X Repeat-Y, a repeating patterns site! It has some really great stuff if you're into such things. I really love making these patterns so I jumped right on that. Thanks Matt!!

The site launches tomorrow so be sure to check it out!



Just a snippet of some client work.




I'm not dead! I went on a trip to St. Louis and spent more time just kind of unwinding than drawing (though I actually did draw more than I normally do on trips!)
The drawing on the left was completed on the drive back and the drawing on the right was done in bits and pieces throughout the day until I made it back to the other side of the state Monday night. A little different than I normally do but methodical and repetitive drawings like the mandala awhile ago are really relaxing.

On my list of things to do:
-Finish up the triptych for a client
-Put together a snappy new zine version of my old sketchbook zines for Shannon dearest. Possibly create nice printed versions to sell? (Thank you for lighting the fire under this Shannon!)
-Pet portraits
-Get started on a mailing campaign
-Starting up my online store
-Website update
-Reading How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie


two fine ladies

Some watercolor studies to prepare for a larger piece I'm doing for a client.

One is a Charles Reid study, one is a study of my inamorata.