coffee sketches

Just some sketches I did while at the coffee shop. I've been playing with a really loose and simple style and it's been helping me to just draw cute things and not get all tight and controlled.

I also signed up for The Sketchbook Project. I'll give some more info about my book when I get my package but I'm really excited about it!!

This is just what I need to really get back on board with my sketchbooks, because I've been feeling somewhat lackluster about my books. I think I need to start keeping smaller ones, or thinner ones. I get bored easily, and while I love having a good, worn and reliable little black book with me, I always want to change it up. I don't feel as proud of this book I'm currently using as I do with some of my older books (Though, to be honest half the time I'm never really keen on saving the damn things, but I know it's good to.)

So here's to awesome sketchbook stuff in the following weeks!

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  1. Steph, I really am enjoying your loose character sketches. And The Sketchbook Project sound fun. I'd like to see what you do with it!