Eggs again

Just to show that I am not sitting on my ass watching youtube in my papasan all day, although this is a very comfortable pasttime that I could get used to. There is much art begging to be made.
A little bit toned down compared to the others. I used some gouache to make it more saturated. It's interesting to work with.

Cool artist: Alberto Cerriteno. I love his style and especially his use of rich colors.

Also Lowell Hess has a website!! Wonderful classic illustration.

And these are cool, although people wonder why I hate swimming and knowing that these are possibly in the water is a big reason why.

1 comment:

  1. I dig the eggs lady!
    Hummm .. :is thinking she should try some gouache out:
    Ah, btw, I have the poster printed .. but I'm lazy and haven't gotten over to the post office. D:
    <3 Luv!~