snow day

ha sorry i have no idea what this is. it was going to be a sky but then these big stones appeared.

it has been raining all week and the other day i was called and told i wouldn't have to come into work due to the rain. i haven't had a "snow day" like that in over two years, the emotion had almost been completely lost to me. but i cooked with my family and enjoyed the rain regardless.

my current mood is sad.

i also just realized the new firefox is spellchecking everything i type. ohhh that's so annoying.


  1. How do you get that sexy texture. I like how it kinda looks like you're looking up through a gap in the rocks....

  2. nomnom<3

    that's actually just a really faint noise filter i added in opencanvas. xDD
    yeah, i wanted to emulate a cave-on your back kind of feel.