another copout

sorry kids too tired and annoyed and sick from too much school and work

but here are some awesome links

david lupton
i love his illustrations, they're awesome!

a couple of new blogs
pencil revolution
ahaha i thought i was the only person in the world who got so nerdy about drawing utensils.
again with the nerd feeling about notebooks.

i need to update my links on the side, haven't touched them in a bit.
in the process of cleaning my room (which i will be never be done with, i suppose) i threw away all my notebooks. and now i want a new one.
maybe one just like my sketchbook.
too bad moleskines are ridiculously expensive. maybe i can find a cheap alternative tomorrow.
lol or just keep using my skechbook as one and save like 8 bucks.
do want some new pencils though.

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