Moth Fanart for Shay.
Experimenting in Illustrator.

Been in a bit of a rut; the last couple of weeks have been messy. Lots of family in town and painting walls and moving. Today I'm going up north to visit family for the weekend. I'm bringing my paints with me so hopefully I can get some plein air paintings done and just unwind a bit before the school rush begins again.


    so u are going to have to teach me this whole texture business well ttyl

  2. I can relate to being in a rut Steph. It gets rather lonely here overseas...
    What has helped me is the illustration book Mr. Lynch gave us and Stephen Silver's blog.


    The words of an experienced artist help in times of transition and change because they have been there. It is nice to realize that.

    Sometimes for me I think to much with my brain and don't let my hands just work.. And I suppose that has to do with being out of the structure of the educational system.

    I hope that helps friend. And I do like your character and texture work. I am curious if I could put a request in for a little art trade sometime? :D

    Until then, <3
    Shannon B.

  3. I love the textures you were able to get in there. Imported from Photoshop?

  4. Affirmative! The basic figure was done in Illustrator, and then I reopened it in Photoshop and added the textures, which consisted of scanned in watercolor washes.