New Toy

Winsor and Newton are my homeboys.
Paints are like shoes for crazy bored women, you can never have too many.


  1. Cool! but expensive. If you buy tube watercolors, which you should - better quality, you can squeeze them out into little pans that you can buy. Those little pans can fit into an altoids box or just about anything. Throw in a couple of squares of plastic for mixing onto. Also you can put your whole kit inside a plastic peanut butter jar with a lid. Use the lid as storage container and water reservoir.

  2. Thanks for the info, Mr Babcock!
    I do tend to swap out a couple of the unused colors (like white!) for squeezed tube colors to make a more customized pallete.
    I love the idea of the peanut butter jar, I've always needed a portable reservoir and never thought of that!