Some beautiful journals

Just browsing through youtube some more and coming across some beautiful visual journals. My favorite part of these is that they don't have to be filled with beautiful sketches and paintings from a seasoned artist vacationing in Europe, but they are ordinary people who choose to write and draw about their lives in an extraordinary way.

Two (I absolutely love how thick and lovely her journal is, and her pages are amazing. She sells them on Etsy.)
Three (Mini Mole!!)
Five (Beautiful notetaking!)
Six; an in-progress journal spread (there are tons of these on youtube if you keep looking.)

I love looking through people's books not because I seek better art than my own to be inspired (I find enough of that without looking), but I see people who record their lives, parts I don't see, parts nobody else sees, recorded in their own way. I love seeing other people's drawings, even if they've never drawn before in their lives, because it's the most honest representation of their lives. The more techniques and skills you learn, the more you learn to fake things and falsify things and not be true to yourself and just continue creating what other people ooh and ahh over (or as some people say "make ballerinas look realistic")

Mmmmm, Sierra Mist quenches my thirst in ways that cannot be described. ♥

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