In Progress

Just a couple of shots of a journal spread I did the other day.
In my research i usually have a ton of reference photos and i just jam them into the back pocket of my book. But this time I incorporated them into a spread so i could have them without rifling through all the little scraps of paper.

Gesso on the pages, then orange watercolor ink. I threw some blue in there too to dull it down a little.

I added some more gesso to bring back some of the white of the paper, then placed my images.

I moved the composition around a little. I didn't have any medium around so I had to tape the images down on the back and gesso the edges to seal them and make an interesting border. I put some more gesso on the page to create big areas for writing (it'll be here that i use a rubber stamp I made with lines so I could put writing lines in my book and use them.) Later I put some matte medium over the pages to seal them fully.

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