Working in a horizontal format is a refreshing change! Watercolor moleskine. I love owls. I've been doing a few of these just kind of quick repeated paintings. I enjoy them- I'll most likely continue after things slow down.
I like my Cachet well enough but the inability to paint in it annoys me, but the idea of opening my HB (which is a lovely shade of olive green this time) makes me nervous! I feel like once I open journals I have to fill them.
I also have a third Pentalic modeskin I bought last year and took home (it's lime green), those out of all the journals i've had, have been the most successful. They take paint in an interesting way and I don't care how they end up. I may just try this route with my Cachet. Or stop caring. (I just like rambling about journals.)

I feel kind of crummy right now but it's just physical pain and I need to sleep.

Projects are going well: piperproject.tumblr.com
I'm excited to see where this goes! It's a waiting game now.

Now I'm devoting time to getting things ready for the holiday fair.
Except now I'm going to sleep.

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