Just a quiet moment in the studio. The lights didn't need to be on, there was no background noise except for the leaves hitting the window, and I was able to get a moment of rest. This area is a comforting place for me. I painted for the first time in a little while; no restraints, no assignments, just paint.

The weather recently is nice, although I wish it would warm up a little.
I have so much to do, but it's nice to keep busy- it gets my blood flowing :)
I have a huge project going for my capstone class that I don't have a lot of details for, yet, but I will post again on it soon.
I also plan on having a table at the school's winter holiday fair. I'm going to be selling handmade plush pieces, clay charms and artwork. I'm working on business cards to hand out as well (been meaning to make these for awhile, anyway.)
I'm planning on doing more talks about journals in the spring :)
There's so much to do, and I can only do a little bit at a time. But I'm really excited for all that I'm doing.

A special day is coming up...I don't think I can accurately put into words how I feel, but it's warm-fuzzy. I feel beyond lucky to be able to have this experience with someone who has become so special to me, to be learning new things about the world and myself, learning more about the person who I want to become. I love that joy and drive of wanting to be a better person, and having the best brought out in me.
I find so much hatred and cruelty in the world and it all seems a bit different now that I have someone at my side to be my anchor, my safety net, my reassurance.
The feeling of knowing there is love in the world and I get to have a piece of that is a feeling I will never want to give up for anything and that I will stake my life on protecting, because the world needs more love, the world needs more kindness and joy and simple pleasures.
But there is love out there, and I am honored to be able to share in that.

Why is my cameraphone a better quality shot than my actual camera.

Cool link: Zhu Zhu paintings.

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