Well hello

All is well on the Western front. The weather is clearing up nicely and it's actually above freezing for once!
I'm ridiculously behind in my work now after missing an entire week of classes. I managed to get an entry into my school's citation show- hopefully I'll get a picture of it while it's up. It's different than my usual fare.
I got ahold of a nice camera for 30 minutes so I took some pictures of my sketchbook, which is new and awesome, but after I uploaded them I realized there's actually a damn scanner in the lab now.

Hopefully I'll catch up on my work soon.

Been playing Devil May Cry 3- maybe my threshold for games is weak, but this game is HARD. It's pretty awesome though so I don't mind redoing missions over and over and over again.

On the journal front, it looks like Derwent is trying to give Global Arts and Moleskine a run for it's money! The idea of a suede cover is cute, and it looks exactly like my portrait GA book, but I don't know if I could watercolor on cartridge paper. Might have to give it a shot! It's by far the cheapest of the three, but so far I'm in love with the GA. Best paper in the world.

Stay tuned for bad photographs with action figures! Wow, it's like I'm 16 again.

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