A lot has happened since last month! Things happened, friendships grew, I ate custard and I just passed a kidney stone last week! That was a dark time, a lot of it was spent being a baby on the couch and watching Astro Boy.

I found this gem: Le Papillon. I love the animation! It reminds me of Okami.

On the art side of things I've been kind of lame. I have a Tegaki but I sure as heck haven't used it yet!

Also have to share some RvB love because it's the only other thing I've really been doing alongside catching up with Eyeshield 21.

And, uh, watching Astro Boy.
Which is oddly addictive.


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  1. Lady I've missed you! I do hope your spring break is beautiful and relaxing.
    ~Shannon LUV is sent your way~