Trying to get back into painting daily again...I always feel like I overwork paintings. My process is always to be super spontaneous for most of it and then go back and refine it, and I don't think it's really working for me anymore. Watercolor is a tough medium for my tendency of work-stop-work-stop-work, but it's my favorite medium, so I'm determined to make it work.
Another note: I hate masking fluid so much.

Here are a couple of watercolor artists I've been looking at:

And here's one of Ng's videos:

I will just have to keep practicing. I really love watercolor so while not getting results instantly is always frustrating, I enjoy the journey. Being a watercolor teacher is one of my many many art related goals. That's something I love about being an artist; you can do so much. If you have some kind of boring career, people feel like they're limited to just doing that. But anybody can do stuff they love...they just have to remember they don't have to be boring and stuffy for the rest of their lives.

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  1. Your watercolors are always amazing. very nice.