I worked for three weeks straight and I went on a little vacation this week so art is kind of scarce.
I did attend a session of watercolor earlier this week and visited some kindred spirits...Super thanks to Joe, Jeff, Candace, Mike and Dustin for giving me a really great start to the week. Being around other artists is always so refreshing and inspiring. I love seeing other people's work and being around people who love to create like I do. (And being humbled by seeing other people's pieces!)

I do have a couple of awesome artists that I picked out of my reader today that I want to share...
Nathan Fowkes Landscape Sketches
He does incredible little color studies of landscapes. Fast and simplified is not one of my strong suits so I can really learn a lot from looking at his work.
Asnee Tasna (flickr), Asnee's blog
A great pick from Urban Sketchers, his sketches are a dream to look at. I love his intricate linework and I love how he can make otherwise boring buildings look fresh and alive. 

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Hi!

    I have an artist at which you should look.



    I'm happy you had a good visit at our ol' alma mater.
    Now check out IF topic this week. :D