Staying Organized

My best way of GTD is just having a sheet with a calendar on it so I can see things at a glance; planners only work so well for me since I often work weeks or months in advance.
(Hey that rhymed.)

I missed doing design so I threw together a few calendars for the rest of the year. (Yikes, 2010 is almost upon us!) I just needed something cute, quick and simple.
If you're dying to have bigger copies for yourself, I'll gladly email PDFs to anyone interested. :)

On another note, I'm really glad Blogger is listening to its users! Label clouds, jump links...they've done really well this year with updates.


  1. Steph! Could you send me the calender? Please?
    And I found this site and what do you know? I thought you might like it. :D


    Let's do Illustration Friday together!

  2. love your self-portrait, so pretty! You have a sweet blog!