Handmade paper

Yesterday's adventure was pulling out my old handpour mold and tearing up some paper to make handmade paper! I ended up with about 30 5x7 inch sheets. I had lost my instructions over a decade ago (true to my ways) so I had to kind of botch together new ones from memory and random videos. But I'm really happy with the results.
My main goal was to get some new surfaces to play with, specifically doing collages and painting (which was why I made a great deal of plain white sheets). I have about 4 larger sketchbooks that have the worst kind of paper. So instead of throwing those away and buying new ones, I just remade them into thicker, more textured sheets.
I also made a few cups of pure colored pulp and "painted" into white papers with a turkey baster and a spoon. (Can you see the heart I molded into page 5?) When I was done, I just threw in the rest of the colored pulp to make the bright colors you see near the bottom. (Can't waste a thing!)
While in the heat of production I just left them outside on a tile table where they would stick, stay flat and dry. When I was done and still had some soggy sheets, I ironed them. Then I flattened them with a huge book overnight.
Pretty good for a first run, I think. If I do it again I'll take my time and iron each sheet as it comes out.

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  1. That's gorgeous! My friend Haley is really crafty, I'm terrible of all of these types of things.

    I like what you wrote on post secret. So true.

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