Holday Fair Wrapup

The Holiday Fair was a successful venture! I sold most of everything and had enough left over to give to friends. My wares were a pretty big hit with people, it was nice to interact with shoppers and get feedback, especially to the people I sold things to. It was nice to see where my things were going :)

I made about 50-some charms and painted them all (that's them hanging on the right- lucky for me I have an automated drying system under my bed!) It was a long grueling process but I enjoyed it. I like doing things with my hands, creating things and tinkering with things.

I wish I'd taken more pictures of the stuffies I'd made, but sadly only the picture of the yeti exists. He's the only one I didn't sell, either- but I'm going to use him for a portfolio piece, so it's all good. :) It was all a very good experience and very much worth the time I spent making them. I plan on experimenting more with stuffies, refining my pattern and jazzing them up a bit. :)
I wish I'd had some paintings to sell, since I got a lot of feedback on those from my business cards. Might have to do that next year. :)

Next on the agenda...MUNNY and the greeting card industry!!

Also: DesignWorkLife's Link List.
Thanks Megan!!

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