Christmas Joy

My workspace for the winter- I had a cleaning fit a little bit ago, I have a hard time working if there's not a clear space. On top of that I hadn't been at home in a long time so bills and mail and junk piled up on every surface. But I cleared it off, and I recently bought a much larger and brand spanking new watercolor palette because my old one was moldy. :'(
I also found a very small watercolor sketchbook that is perfect for quick messy collage-multimedia work. :D I've already started messing around with it as a precursor to painting. I want to see if I can finish it before Christmas! I miss painting; I miss creating; I miss playing around with paper and paint and fabric and little things and making art, making THINGS.

Featured at the Holiday Fair as my tablecloth, this gorgeous fabric will be used to make this gorgeous little ipod nano pouch. I'm also working on some new stuffy designs, since particular designs sold so well at the Holiday Fair, I will be working on those and hopefully finishing up a line of them in the spring. Alsfkjwdslfjw I can't tell you how much I love sewing.

Oh and I just have to say that I love the wrapping paper I got this year. So nice and vintage-y and BROWN (my second favorite color).

Not much in the way of actual progress but I love this feeling, I love the holidays and being so close to my family and being warm and safe and happy, I love sharing the joy that others feel during the holidays, listening to Christmas music, putting up Christmas lights (I've already got 200 to put up in the room when I get back to school in January!), I love sharing good feelings with people that I love.

My Christmas tree! (As viewed by yours truly)

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