Illustration 2

All classwork from the spring 2008 semester of my illustration class in descending order.

Oil paint practice

2 Person composition. Oil paint.
Concept sketches.

Minimum Wage: Student Workers. Acrylic and pastel pencil.

Futuristic Minimum Wage (Dome Patchers) Acrylic, Watercolor, Collage.

Futuristic City. Pastels on Wallis paper.
Concept sketch.

Book Jacket. "I am Legend".
Here is a copy of what the finished jacket looks like.

Overall, I really felt successful in this class. I experimented a lot and found a lot of things that worked for me, and found out what things didn't. I really like how a lot of my work came out.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, so, your I am Legend book jacket cover? Mindblowing. Breathtaking. Really fucking fantastic. I can't get over how well the piece fits not only the novel (which is one of my FAVORITE books ever) but just as a book jacket in general. God. I want this to be, like, an official book cover, it's just so awesome.

    And your pastel futuristic city is incredibly inspiring. I can't compliment your use of bold color enough.. the strokes are always so strong, and the depth that you create with the colors is really eye-popping.