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I don't know when I thought of it, but awhile back I made a list of all the random characters I made for some reason or another, and it topped at about 20- and those are just the ones I can remember. So I decided to go through and see if I could draw them all. This was the earliest character I can remember entirely- Angela. She actually had chartreuse bangs at first creation, which makes these nasty purple bangs a bit more tolerable.

Some interesting things;

Ultimate Rejection Letter
Oil Painting Demo
Ultimate Flash Face holy shit this one is a lot of fun.
ansiform - an ambient music netlabel
Transparent Image Tape Transfer I picked this one especially for all my fellow majors since we were discussing it a few weeks ago.
Darkcopy- full screen text editing. Write with no distractions.
Play NES games online for free!!

I would easily kill someone for a bit of watermelon, right now.

Also there is this current stink about Orphan Works legislation. I don't know exactly what is going on here, but according to this interview with Brad Holland, if this legistlation passes, we are going to lose our copyrights, and will have to pay out the ass for other people not to lose it. I know tons of people will be like "psh, artists, who cares what happens to their stuff" but this applies to people's photos and videos of their family. You don't even have to be an artist to affected by this law. Anything you do can be just taken and used by someone else and used for their own profit. You get no rights on that photo of your baby or the picture of your late cat. Booyah!
I remember hearing about this before, and I don't know what caused this to flare up again, but I hope it doesn't pass, not purely for my own gain (hey, I guess I'm ok with having a part time job and just painting in my basement, unbeknownst to anybody but me or my cat), but because that's not cool to just have anything of yours be used by anybody, LEGALLY hands free. I can see companies and businesses failing on a country wide scale. Our economy is already in the shitter, why on earth is this even coming up as an issue. Why BOTHER?

ETA: I found a helpful article that debunks a lot of the scary myths surrounding this thing.

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