I hope this year will prove to be fruitful because I am willing to work hard.
I woke up at 5am with the desire to paint but all my attempts have been pitiful
I'm tired again so I will probably go fall asleep in my chair like an old person.
(Which I am now so)

Also: why must postal workers insist on acting like douchebags? I went to get my passport the other day and I swear the lady hated me for some reason.
I had 2 fillings that same day and my mouth was numb from all sides (+ my nose and right eyelid) so maybe that was it.

Cool bands!!!
Funker Vogt
VNV Nation

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  1. Fruitful indeed my friend! I dig the new layout and the drawing is very nice. The use of line quality and negative space makes me continue looking around it again and again. Good design!