So I guess I am just retarded, but washes in a Moleskine sketchbook are not succeeding for me. I hear gouache works better?
Also Firefox sucks for not thinking gouache is an actual word.
I have seen people succeed with watercolors though. I guess I'll gesso a page and try again, or use the soap trick to make it stop beading up. I'm too poor to buy a moleskine watercolor LMAO plus my next book accepts it more readily.

Also! Using Youtube for art techniques is a really nice way to consume time instead of looking at pointless things like your brother's MGO battles or pablo fransisco or how to beat the crap out of disma.
(Why does this ass show up in 11 possible locations, that is like saying Oh Hey Satan will pop up on you in either Target, Walmart, Borders, Walgreens or Hy-vee GLHF!!!)

PS. I'm trying to go to Paris I currently accept donations. ;) ;) ;)

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