this is tragic

I went through and did a count, and discovered I have 26 unused sketchbooks, ranging from huge spiral Strathmores and 200 page hardcovers to Moleskine pocket cahiers (the papers suck don't ever buy these for sketches)
I think I have a problem.
And I have 2 more on my to-buy list!
Although to be fair about 10 of those were gifts, and another 5 were abandoned when I was helping one of my teachers clean out her classroom. (I couldn't leave blank books to just be thrown away. Sob!)
I have 4 in progress right now and my next brand is a new Moleskine, so I figured I'd pull out a few and do reviews, since I'm a complete addict/connoisseur/snob/elitist and I enjoy writing random and pointless articles. C:

OH my James Jean book came today! I'm so glad I preordered it, I got it for a total steal of a price. It's pretty much amazing.
Also note to self, drawing with only one working eye is like drawing everything with 3-D glasses, I have a blind spot and everything is vibrating and I see red when it is supposed to be white.

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