cop out no.1

spring break - no internet!

first of all, the conclusion to another day was amazing.(it doesn't take much to impress me anymore, it seems)

next items! a couple of articles, some cavity inducing cuteness and some awesome art.

10 ways to fuse your art with your personality. also known as the dangerous art of aesthetics. just an interesting read. i'm a sucker for these types of things.

.the best advice i ever got. a visual list compiled by penelope dullaghan of some good advice.

those crazy japanese and their love for all things tiny: introducing >minimini, the fetish with tiny objects. those bears are effing adorable. other animals are made too, like puppies. 1, 2, 3.

david ho. dark, rich and inspring.

josé martins. i've seen his stuff before promptly losing the link.

robert valley. tasty fashion design-esque stuff.

web sudoko. CHRIST ON A BIKE, this game is so ADDICTIVE.

i also learned today that Missouri spends, at its most, 8 cents per person for its arts programs. come on, guys. it costs more to buy a freaking Coke. what kind of message are you trying to send?

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